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In order to insure that every member who wants to use the facility is able to utilize the parking lots provided for Club use, please abide by the following parking policy:

OAC parking lots are reserved for Club members – during Club use only. Parking enforcement “spotters” will now be monitoring OAC Parking lots. Anyone who parks their vehicle on OAC property and does not enter and use the Club will be issued a $35 ticket by Ballard Parking, LLC.

The maximum time allowed for members to park at any OAC designated parking lot is three (3) hours, per visit. Parking enforcement staff will be electronically recording or marking the tires of all vehicles that enter OAC parking lots and issuing a $35 ticket for anyone who leaves their vehicle parked longer than three (3) hours, per visit.

OAC Parking Permits are REQUIRED and must be displayed on the REAR driver’s side window of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a rear window, (e.g., convertible, truck with canopy, camper, etc.), the OAC Parking Permit may be displayed on the driver’s side front window. However, it must be “on” the window – not on the dash board. Parking permits displayed any place other than the rear or front driver’s side windows will be issued a $35 ticket by Ballard Parking, LLC.

Ballard Parking, LLC will continue to monitor OAC parking lots and issue a ticket to any vehicle found to be in violation of the above-mentioned policy. If you are issued a parking ticket, all payments and disputes must be directed to Ballard Parking LLC. Olympic Athletic Club employees do not have the authority to amend or void any parking tickets issued.


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